Eastwood Danso presents his new capsule collection in collaboration with the Germany's own OBS.

Born and raised in Germany for 11 years, it made sense for Danso to bring the collection home. It is this mutual heritage that builds the foundations of the capsule, looking at the place we are born and the places we are raised as points of inspiration.

Berlin-based OBS pride themselves on being engineers as opposed to designers, bringing their unique approach to fashion to Danso's understated, high-quality apparel. Combining these elements result in a concise capsule consisting of trench coats, side bags, long sleeve T-shirts, a ring, baseball cap, trousers, and socks.

All items are available in a range of colourways via the OBS web store, with further exclusive colourways releasing at the London retailer Eizenstein, with further stockists to be announced soon. 

All Images via Eastwood Danso