Want to know how LaMelo Ball thinks his former high school team is going to do now that he's no longer on the squad? Keeping in line with the Ball brand, 16-year-old LaMelo—who is probably the most outspoken of the Ball boys—was recorded by Overtime on Wednesday saying, "Without Melo, they losing," when asked about his former Chino Hills High School basketball team during a pickup game. The video features Ball, his cousin Andre Ball, and other players practice their dunking skills. 

Earlier this month, news came out that LaMelo's dad LaVar Ball was pulling him out of Chino Hills High School to instead be homeschooled and trained in preparation for playing basketball at UCLA. LaVar, who cited disagreements with the school's administration as to why he decided to opt for LaMelo to be homeschooled, said, "I don't want no distractions on Melo. So therefore I’m going to homeschool him and make him the best basketball player ever." 

The Los Angeles Times then reported that the real reason for Melo's departure was due to LaVar requesting to add multiple players to the team. That request was apparently denied, and the superintendent of the Chino Hills School District, Wayne Joseph, told the Times, "He suggested he put four or five kids on varsity." 

Folks took to Twitter to discuss the news (and make some jokes in the process) about LaMelo being homeschooled for the next two years.