Sometime between making misogynistic comments about Wonder Woman, James Cameron managed to finesse Fox into dedicating resources to four Avatar sequels. And while the $2.8 billion the original Avatar earned worldwide clearly established the franchise has earning power, the very real question of if we actually need four more Avatar movies remains.

Fox—which much like Cameron, has some misogyny and male privilege issues to work on—saw fit to back up the proverbial Brinks truck for the Avatar franchise. The news was confirmed Thursday by Executive Chairman of 21st Century Fox, Lachlan Murdoch at Variety’s Dealmakers Breakfast.

“These will be the most expensive movies of all time,” Murdoch said, of what Variety reported will be a $1 billion budget. “This is a tremendous intellectual property for us.”

How does the company that gave us Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly plan to offset the costs for these repeat visits to the fictional planet Pandora?

“Fox’s film studio has been talking with theater owners for months about a deal that would enable them to release films on-demand within weeks of their debut,” reports Brent Lang of Variety. “Currently, customers cannot buy or rent films for some 90 days after they bow in theaters. Fox and others want to change that, and offer films for between $30 to $50 a rental.”

In short, Fox not only provides Donald Trump with the programs that help him maintain his fragile grip on sanity, the company will also spend the gross domestic product of a small country on four more chapters of Dances With Wolves in Space.

As previously reported, Cameron and his staff are expected to begin filming the Avatar sequels in December.