A white woman was filmed last week throwing her drink on two black men who were reportedly kneeling during the national anthem. The incident occurred during a pre-season L.A. Lakers game and was caught on camera by the attacker’s friend.

"This is for the national anthem, you pieces of shit," the woman yelled as she tossed her drink.

Shortly after the clip made its way onto the internet, the attacker and her friend were identified as California Baptist University students Haley Perea and Savannah Sugg.

According to the Root, Sugg filmed the attack and later posted it on social media with the caption: "'Take a kneel [sic] for the land of the slaves.' Disrespect our flag and our country and that’s how we’ll react." As expected, the video went viral and resulted in some serious backlash. Sugg and Perea have since deleted all their social media accounts, presumably to avoid the onslaught of negative attention.

Many people have also reached out to Cal Baptist University, urging the "Christ-centered" institution to take action against the women.

The school issued the following statement:

On Wednesday, October 4, 2017, an incident occurred at a pre-season NBA basketball game at the Ontario Citizens Business Bank Arena. While this was not an event affiliated with California Baptist University, two current CBU students were involved.

On Thursday morning, October 5, 2017, CBU learned of this incident and initiated an investigation and plans to take appropriate action. CBU does not condone or support the behavior depicted in the recording of the incident.

CBU takes this matter very seriously and is cooperating with law enforcement and arena management.

A source told the Tab that the two black men are planning to press charges against Sugg and Perea.

"I was not there but my friends came over right after the incident," Tony Messina, a student at a community college in Riverside, said. "They didn't stand during the national anthem, and during the fourth quarter is when the girls threw the beer on them. They tried to chase after them to make sure they were caught, but a little bit later they were assaulted by this other white guy. I guess the girl went up to the students and so he came up to my friend. He ended up putting up my hand around my black friend's neck, and said: 'boy, you need to be put in your place.' The police came, and after two minutes of questioning, they let that guy go. They were upset, they were bewildered. They couldn't believe what happened to them. They really did nothing wrong. Those girls can't just get away with this, or they'll keep thinking it's OK."

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Sugg and Perea are reportedly Donald Trump supporters. The Tab also pointed out Perea had a habit of using the N-word on social media, posting messages like "Too many niggas here. Not about that" and "I love calling my roommate 'nigga.' She freaks out everytime."