On Monday a San Antonio high school that you otherwise would have never heard of voted to switch their name from Robert E. Lee High School to LEE High School, which is a not so subtle way to sort of keep the name, but also officially is an acronym for "Legacy of Educational Excellence." In case it wasn't already obvious, the move was an effort to dump the Confederate general in the wake of the Unite the Right rally that went so poorly in Charlottesville a few months ago. Nobody wants clowns with tiki torches showing up.

The change, which sounds like it would've been endorsed by Lee's own descendants, was not well received by this group of students who, uh, would appear to really, really care about the name of their school:

Sounds like you can still call it Lee? I mean, right?

Anyway, in response to their overly theatrical reaction, which they'll likely regret in a few years if they don't already, dramatic Twitter had some opinions (oh wow, there's a shock) of the dramatic teens:

Worth noting that, in the all-important rush to get GIFs up, just about everyone missed that the name is still pretty much the same. On to the next, Twitter!