While we're living in 2017, Apple might already be in 3017 2020, according to new rumors. You know how the iPhone 8 just dropped, and a number of you no doubt skipped it in order to cop the new iPhone X later this month? And how the Google Pixel 2 was just announced as a potential iPhone X killer? Well, if folding your phone is what you're trying to do in the future, Apple might be working on something just for you.

A new report says Apple is assembling a squad with the purpose of creating an iPhone with a foldable screen. Mashable is reporting that this isn't necessarily new; LG is said to have been showing a prototype with just this capability for at least 10 years, but this would be the first time Apple flipped that design for themselves.

If you're not getting why this is a big deal, think about it: a phone with the specs of a new iPhone could end up being pretty big; what if you could make a bigger screen that could be folded so it comfortably fit in someone's pockets? That's some revolutionary shit.

Mashable does bring up an excellent point, though: the iPhone X is a drastically different design for the iPhone. It might be crazy to think that, in three years, they will jump out the window with an entirely new design. It could happen, but as they put it, think about how long it took them to ditch the home button.